All I wanted was to try this bazaar thingie.

Ever heard of the saying “When it rains, it pours?” Do you believe that? I do, and because unfortunate events are pouring hard in my life now, I have nothing better to do but write it down.

I have a sticker shop business called Pluzzle by Nizza that I started last October 2018. For a newly established business, I can say that it is doing fairly well. Not great-great, big time great, but just doing well, there is never a more-than-two-days straight that I have no orders, and they range from 1-10 a day.

This is completely okay. The steady stream of income while I enjoy creating the stickers for my planner sisters is more than enough. I was contented.

Then an opportunity knocked

Last April 17, I got this message from a representative of Phi Lambda Delta Sorority inviting me to their bazaar that’s going to be held on May 4-5 in UPTC. The theme of their bazaar is floral, this is why I got invited when she saw my floral stickers in the marketplace.

I thought about it because the end of the month (the bills and due dates’ period) is near, and besides I know nothing about bazaars. I know how to shop and am an addict when it comes to bazaars, but to sell as one of the concessionaires, I have no prior experience on that.

I grabbed it

Needless to say, I grabbed the opportunity. In my mind, I was trying out something new that may or may not be successful but at least I know that I will definitely learn a thing or two.

Since it was Holy Week, when she asked for a follow up last April 21 evening, I told her I’ll get back to her the next day. I did, I sent her a message saying I’ll secure the money first and get back to her.

She said it would be nice to send her the photos of the products first so she can get it approved before I secure my payment. After a few hours, I sent her my product catalogue.

A good and some bad news that poured

After a fews days, April 25 in the afternoon to be exact, she sent me a message that my product got approved and that she sent me the Memorandum of Agreement. However, upon checking, the name of the business is wrong, it was Nizza’s Floral Stickers instead of Pluzzle by Nizza. My brother told me not to make any move unless they corrected the mistake so I told her about it and she said she was going to resend it.

April 26, I ordered my paper packs. My business is just small. At one given day, I only have 2-3 paper packs sitting here for orders, when I only have 1 pack left, I order to replenish. I ordered more than 10 packs so I can come up with a fair number of products for the bazaar.

Squeezing very tight

I knew it was going to be tight, because only me and Yanji will create the stickers and we will have to juggle all that with taking care of our daughter and doing our other jobs and chores. Nonetheless, we still pushed through. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t that nervous because I know my paper will be coming in 2 days, 3 max. I also believe that with a few days left, I can come up with a decent amount of 

We have this wedding to attend to on May 3 in Batangas, but my cousin rented a house for us and my parents said we will leave early on May 2. They gave me and Yanji permission to go home a bit early after the wedding so we can have at least prepare a bit before Saturday’s bazaar.

Then it got even tighter

Yesterday, my suki customer ordered 21 sheets of sticker. This customer is a valued one because he has been ordering from me for a long time already. When he orders, he usually pays and picks up the item within the day. I asked for an extension this time and asked if he can swing by today instead. I still had to wait for my paper, I thought it was going to arrive yesterday, but it didn’t.

To make the story short, here I am, May 1, 9am with less than a day to go because we have to leave early tomorrow, with only 50 or so products to display, 21 sheets of order to finish by afternoon, orders on Shopee, one on Etsy, and no one to tell my predicament to.

Oh and did I mention that my Silhouette mat broke last night and I just taped it. My machine also started having tantrums and won’t cut the sheets. It cuts the kiss cuts, but it won’t cut the sheets. We have no choice but for Yanji to manually cut them, making the work 2-3 times longer.


Lights off.. Spotlight on.. Enter song “Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy…….”

Yanji and I both slept before 4, (we have been running on borderline empty bat for a few days already having 3-4 hours sleep a day) trying to make the most of the supplies we have left. We woke up before 7 and was planning to have an early start but guess what? Yup another challenge. The software that I use for my Cameo needs to be updated, so here I am, a few minutes past 9am, writing this blog while waiting for it to update.

I can’t really share this predicament to anybody. I can’t ask my parents if I can skip the wedding or at least just follow there tomorrow evening. If you know my parents, you’ll know how important family and family gatherings are from them. I grew up adjusting and thinking that it is ok for us to bend and even almost break “basta walang masabi mga tao”.

Besides, I asked them last night if we can just follow tomorrow. They still don’t know what is happening but they already acted disappointed. Anyway, less talk, less issues.

What’s next?

So what happens now? Honestly, I don’t know. Yanji still has errands and bills to pay, we have yet to receive the paper. But by noon, I’ll probably order again and asked for it to be delivered via grab. The difference of each paper is P75, so goodbye P7500++ plus grab fee. But who cares, I’d rather keep it to myself (or blog about it) than start a fight with my family.

That’s it. The update is done. We’ll start printing already. Hopefully we can survive this day without self-destructing.

If you happen to find yourself in UPTC on Saturday, maybe go around the bazaar area and look for me? Ask me about my lemons so I know you read this, I’ll give you a discount. 🙂

That is if I will be able to survive the tsunami of lemons today and come up with a decent number of products in time.

Anyway, ciao!


Time check, 12mn May 2, only 2 days before the bazaar, guess how many stickers I was able to add. Right.. ZERO.

We spent the whole morning looking for an open shop because the papers that I ordered aren’t here yet. We decided to shell out another P7500+ just so we can have papers and start printing more products.

Around 2pm, my machine won’t work. There was this grinding noise and it won’t cut the stickers. I tried calibrating and adjusting the distances and it was all ok.

I thought the problem was the mat, so Yanji went and look for another shop that is open, after an hour or so Yanji found one but they didn’t have a Grab option, so we went to Cubao to go and get it.

We got back at around 7pm, I slept for one hour so that I can work straight in the evening. Then the problem came. When I tried the first sticker, it turned out, the mat was not really the problem, the first try ruined the mat completely cutting it in half.

So I just threw away P1300 for something that is not the problem. Now I’m here crying my eyes out. I guess I just better sleep and forget this. Maybe tomorrow, I already have lemonades.

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