This is a call to all those who brag about their rate and the members of Freelancing with a Heart group, as well as those who will be able to read this.

Whether you are established with a $50 rate already or whether you just got your first job, it is never right in my opinion to post your rate. (unless you are just using it to lure people to your or your friend’s paid course?)

Anyway, it is already proven that you can earn in this industry. This is not like MLM where you have to PROVE by showing money and wealth that you are indeed earning. MLM members are using the “Money Pamaypay” strategy to entice people to join their businesses.

We have that too

Sadly, we also have that in our field. The posting of rates, contracts, Paypal screenshots, gadgets, appliances, cars, and every material thing that they can take a photo of, are unfortunately being used to lure our newbies.

You know what’s fucked up about it? They tell you that they are doing that to “inspire” people. Well, isn’t that sweet?


Hold your ego up your ass, pal. The newbies do not need that bragathon from you. Unless you just want their “likes and comments” for an ego-boost, which is disgusting, by the way, then you are not aiming to inspire. You only want to brag. Don’t even think about slithering your way out of it, you are bragging. Period.


Another hidden agenda that you may have. You want to be an authority figure in the field that you are in. Well, you’re not. Because if you are, then you don’t have to do that.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Walk the talk?” Apparently not, or you are just apparently too dense. You’re not going to be an authority figure by shoving your rate up the people’s faces. You know why? Because if you truly deserve to be looked up to, then people will naturally look up to you without being lured and fooled.

Sincerity and Authenticity

If people see the sincerity in your actions and when people know that you know what you are talking about, and not just something that you got off from the internet or from someone else’s course, then you’ll get their trust.

Because the people that get enticed with your rate are just greedy people who want easy money. I’m willing to bet millions (which I don’t have and you do, right?) that you are just nice to those who are asking “why” to those you think you can gain something from, and also I bet these people won’t even strive as hard as they have to because they want the easy money.


So, here’s my personal take.

Newbies do not need to see your rate. Today, when Upwork and other freelancing platforms are getting stricter, newbies do not need to see that they can earn that much. They already know that. What they need is to know how they can start so that they can strive hard to earn more.

Newbies need support, not courses. In my opinion, nobody has to pay for anything if they want to start. If you are established already and you already have clients, when you get the feeling that you want to add skills or level up your freelancing career, then you can invest on courses for new skills. But never pay to start, this is not an amusement park where you pay first to see the attractions.


So, this is my call to the newbies out there. If you see someone post their rate, don’t be too quick to believe them. Before you choose them as your mentor, think about their hidden agenda.

Why are they doing this?

Do they have a paid course that you’ll be lured into?

Do they have a friend who has a paid course?

Because, unless they do, then there is no acceptable reason to post their rates unless they only want to brag.

And the followers that are keyboard warriors that insist that they are inspired? Don’t even get me started with you, you only want to get on the good side of the high-earner, or you are their friend.

#blessed for the rate? Nah. I don’t think so.

They may tell you they just want to inspire and tell the world that they are #blessed. But why? Can’t they just walk the talk and not brag about it?

Because for me, achievements in the field are more important than showing your rates.

Think about it. Do you want someone who just brags but never helps? Hmm..

I firmly believe that helping should be done freely. If you are ready to start your freelancing career, join our family at Freelancing With A Heart (Both Facebook page and group).

You’ll get the most sincere help without paying anything. We don’t want your money. We just ask that you PAY it forward when the group is able to help you.

See you there! <3


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